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Computer Nightmares

Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Life at Charcott

Computer Nightmares

Lardon and Tomato CakeWe have been beseiged with computer problems over the last few weeks.  Finally our much loved very ancient family PC blew up last weekend with a spectacular puff of smoke and a large bang.   A panicked callout of our lovely computer expert resulted in a trip to John Lewis and we are now the proud owners of a very smart laptop which we are still, 10 days later,  trying to find our way around.  Being a pair of computer dinosaurs this is not proving easy!  I have already done half the annual accounts 3 times – managing to lose them each time!  Hopefully now finally securely  saved and I must now discover how to e-mail them safely to our accountant.

Meanwhile I’m gradually getting used to no longer typing as though I’m playing a piano and learning to rest my wrists on the keyboard – those fierce teachers at Queen’s Secretarial College who taught me to type in the ’70s would be turning in their graves!  Quite what things like BulbBanner, RSS feeds and OneNote mean I have yet to discover but hopefully the DD will be home tomorrow for a couple of nights so will be able to explain things.

Meanwhile I thought I’d include a picture of the latest item to appear on the Charcott Farmhouse menu –  Lardon & Tomato Cake Topped with  Poached Egg which is proving a huge success with our guests.

And now I’m back on line again, watch this space for pictures of a very special and beautiful old lady who visited us a few weeks ago…!