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BABA GANOUSH – An Aubergine Dip

Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Charcott Blog, Recipes

BABA GANOUSH – An Aubergine Dip








As we have guests staying here from all over the world, I thought it might be fun to ask them for recipes to add to the web site blog on a regular basis, particularly during the summer months.   The instructions for this delicious dip were given to us by the two guests who left this morning and since we have friends to dinner tonight, I’ve made it ready in anticipation.


3 or 4 plump aubergines

100g plain yoghurt

teaspoon sesame seed oil


chopped garlic

chopped fresh coriander

Heat the oven to 240 degrees C – (I used top shelf of the aga roasting oven)

Prick the aubergines all over and place on a baking tray.  Cook for roughly one hour until soft and the skin is black.  Remove and allow to cool a little.  Scoop out flesh from skins and chop roughly.  In a bowl mix the chopped aubergines with the yoghurt, the sesame oil, salt  and chopped garlic  – the amounts can be varied according to taste.  Add a good handful of freshly chopped coriander and mix well.  Turn out into a serving bowl and chill until needed.  Serve with chopped celery, carrots etc.  Also good with Doritos – which is what we’re having tonight!   

Thank you Elayne and Andras Phillips-Johl from Switzerland – 17.4.12.