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A Kentish Garden

Posted by on Jul 28, 2012 in Charcott Blog, Life at Charcott

A Kentish Garden

Many guests have asked about the quotation on the website from Edith Nesbit’s lovely poem

A Kentish Garden.  Slightly windswept Charcott has rather a long way to go to match the wonderful tranquil

picture Edith conjures up, there are no grey walls and we have certainly never seen any glow worms but we

do our best.  So here is the poem in full:


A Kentish Garden

There is a grey-walled garden, far away
From noise and smoke of cities, where the hours
Pass with soft wings among the happy flowers,
And lovely leisure blossoms every day.

There, tall and white, the sceptral lily blows;
There grow the pansy, pink, and columbine,
Brave hollyhocks, and star-white jessamine,
And the red glory of the royal rose.

There greeny glow-worms gem the dusky lawn,
The lime-trees breathe their fragrance to the night,
Pink roses sleep, and dream that they are white,
Until they wake to colour with the dawn.

There, in the splendour of the sultry noon,
The sunshine sleeps upon the garden bed
Where the white poppy droops a drowsy head
And dreams of kisses from the white full moon.

And there, some days, all wild with wind and rain,
The tossed trees show the white side of their leaves,
While the great drops drip from the ivied eaves,
And birds are still–till the sun shines again.

And there, all days, my heart goes wandering,
Because there, first, my heart began to know
The glories of the summer and the snow,
The loveliness of harvest and of spring.

There may be fairer gardens; but I know
There is no other garden half so dear;
Because ’tis there, this many, many a year,
The sacred, sweet, white flowers of memory grow!