Spring at Charcott – Catch Up

Spring is once again upon u and its time to do an update ready for the forthcoming summer season.  All is well at Charcott Farmhouse and we are looking forward once again to welcoming guests of all nationalities both to explore the many joys of the Weald of Kent or simply to enjoy a weekend with nearby relatives.


Senior and Junior Management are both flourishing.  Still enjoying our electric bikes and the glorious weather of the last couple of days has had us out trundling gently round our very picturesque lanes whenever time allows.  And the recent clock change and the subsequent longer evenings means we’re looking forward once again to enjoying an evening drink at the Leicester Arms in Penshurst which is perfect and very pretty 15-minute ride away.


We sadly now have only two cats having lost our adored Huckleberry last summer and his sister Matilda six weeks ago.  Huckleberry was 18 and Matilda 19 and they both had long happy lives but are still very much missed.  Our nine-year-old Labrador Fen grows ever greyer around the muzzle but, having been on a strict diet over the winter, is still full of enthusiasm for a walk across the fields – often with our youngest cat Rodney following on behind!


We are currently having a break from keeping chickens and the organic Happy Eggs served at breakfast are produced locally by a farm in nearby Weald.  They are what Head Chef calls multi-coloured so don’t be surprised if your boiled egg ranges from white to brown to blue!  Head Chef has recently been experimenting with bread recipes so be prepared for some new varieties of toast at the breakfast table.  And of course, Junior Management has made great quantities of marmalade to go with it and is much looking forward to the summer jam making months.


The new duvets have proved a great success.  Many guests have commented on how warm and cosy they have felt and we feel happy with this upgrading to more contemporary standards.  We have yet to get photographs of these on the website so please bear with us over this!  Earlier this year we had the terracotta tiles in the downstairs passage and kitchen stripped and re-sealed and are amazed how much brighter both these areas now look.


The Greyhound Pub at the bottom of the drive is currently in the process of changing hands but will be open again in May.  Meanwhile, we went last night to the opening night of the newly re-furbished Castle Inn at Chiddingstone and are delighted to be able to have that once again on our list of places that we recommend for evening meals.  The Little Brown Jug in Chiddingstone Causeway is still an easy 15-minute walk away and of course, The Windmill at Weald, The Wheatsheaf at Bough Beech, The Rock at Chiddingstone Hoath, The Fleur de Lis at Leigh and the Leicester Arms at Penshurst are all no more than a short ten-minute drive away.


So, with Easter weekend bringing us the Weald of Kent Handmade Fair at Penshurst Place, Easter Trails at Hever Castle and Cow Cookie making at Bore Place, not forgetting Chiddingstone Castle’s 4 day Literary Festival beginning on 30th April and the Tulip Festival at Pashley Manor starting on 21st April, may we wish everyone all the very best for the approaching summer and we look forward to introducing you to some of the many attractions close by.


For further details and photographs, we also have a Facebook page – Charcott Farmhouse B&B – and are always grateful for any likes if anyone is Social Media minded!

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